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I Hope We Meet Again

I hope we meet again,

Really and definitely this time,

Years later,

Probably in some other country,

Continents away from home,

Yet surrounded by the feeling it carries,

With the people we love,

And care with all our heart.

I hope we meet again,

With real smiles and long hugs,

Chatting non-stop, wanting to catch up,

On all the years we spent apart,

Doing things we always dreamt of,

And finally telling each other,

Of the successes and failures,

Of true love and heartwarming stories,

Of songs that we had shared and we still sing,

Remembering each other in little things.

I hope we meet again,

Without promises and expectations,

But with love and magic,

Multiplied when together,

Like the universe had a bigger plan,

A better one actually,

That unfolded sooner than later,

For us both,

Somehow, somewhere, simply.

album art - light, sleeping at last


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