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Lost Soulmates

What happens when soulmates drift away?

What happens to that red string of fate,

That is tied to their little fingers, and straight to their hearts,

That is unbreakable, but is now tangled,

Streched over miles,

Does the other person feel the tug?

When one of them is upset?

Do they know that one of them is still thinking,

About the other one,

Late at night, early in the morning, at any random hour of the day?

Do the soulmates meet in a space?

In other than this earthy land,

Beyond this realm of water and air,

In some place unknown to the common sense,

But the soul knows,

Their and ours,

Somehow holding on to their red string of fate,

As close as they could?

But, do they really know?

Our earthy versions?

The gravity of these soulmates?

Or is it just our souls,

Who knows them yet suffers,

The painful separations,

For reasons many and none.

So, what happens to these soulmates?

Who meet but don't,

Who exist but don't,

Who deserve each other but don't,

For reasons many and none.


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