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Meaningless Conversations

I read this on the internet today,

"Let's have another meaningless conversation"

And though it sounds so cute,

Having a conversation so trivial that it doesn't matter what you're talking about but what really matters is who you're talking to,

But, for some reasons from my past,

This only made me think,

"Sure, let's have another meaningless conversation,

Because every conversation we had was exactly that for you, meaningless,

Every conversation was so trivial for you that not a single emotion they evoked could save the death of us,

It was so meaningless for you to throw it out without a consideration,

Without worrying about what you would be losing,

Because you weren't losing out on anything, right,

Just meaningless conversations,

Not that important,

The conversations or the person you were having them with.

Meaningless, only.

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It's important to have meaningful connections with whom you can engage in meaningless conversations.


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