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On My Mind — Chapter 01

"How can I miss you,

When you won't go away?"

Heard these lines on a travel show today and then found out that it's from a song by Dan Hicks and honestly, I'm in a paradoxical state of mind — do I like these lines or not? But, don't I have polar views too?

Because, don't we all want someone to stay till the end of time? Don't we not want to miss them? Aren't we tired of the missing because people have always gone and you're the one who always stayed?

Then why do I also think that absences make the heart go fonder and it's the distance that makes you realize how close you really are?

The song didn't answer the questions and I think we usually don't value the worth of something or someone unless we lose them. We don't love enough when someone's there, care enough in the present and then regret missing out experiences blaming it was right person, wrong timing. But, sometimes it's just you delaying moments and feelings. Maybe they don't have to go away until you miss them. Sometimes, you miss them right when they're with you. Now that's a whole different conversation, but if you're missing someone, tell them!

Also, starting this #OnMyMind chapters to rant out my random thoughts like today. Hope you like them!


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