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The Crows

In today's episode of I miss #GurDaGhar

I miss the crows which flew over the terrace and used to stare at anyone and everyone there like they're trespassers.

Like, they had a secret society or they were informants to a group of people who kept eyes on the locals. Like they used to sell out our personal information for food or other basic things that crows need to survive.

6:09 pm human time: Crow 6382 just sent in intel from #GurDaGhar that Gur is on the terrace, roaming around with some sort of wires in her ears. She sits on the water tank and continues to stare at the ball of fire and the sky until it gets dark. She uses the black thing in her hand and holds it in front of her and clicks on it. Then she moves the black thing. I think she's linked with some other group and is sending them intel about us. I cawed at her a lot of times. She is not scared. She looked directly into my eyes and I had to fly away. She's intimidating. She's scary.

I miss those crows who sat outside my balcony and cawed until I got annoyed and shooed them away. I miss them when they used to chase baby owls occassionally.

I miss those sneaky birds and my home.

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Pulkit Arora
Pulkit Arora
20. März

Crows must be like , why is this prani observing things and not lost in the screen. They must be awestruck at this weird curiosity thing of yours

Gefällt mir

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