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The Weight

You don't realize the weight,

When you're carrying it all alone for a long time,

Because it has been always this much,

And more sometimes,

But you have got used to it,

Because there is no one else to carry it.

And it's not that heavy, you know?

You say this nonchalantly.

Until one day,

Someone asks you,

Is it heavy?

You say, what?

Like you've forgotten,

The weight that is always there,

And then it all comes rushing back,

The volume of it,

The depth of it,

The weight of it,


Now that someone made you aware of it,

Made you conscious of you carrying it,

And all you want to do it put it down,

Because you've been carrying it for way too long,

And now, it's heavier than ever,

The weight and it's realization.


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