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Where To? No Clue

The background song of my life right now is,

Jaane kya dhoondhta hai,

Yeh mera dil,

Tujhko kya chahiye zindagi,

By Lucky Ali,

Because, Oh God,

I don't really know,

What I need in my life,

Or where I'm supposed to go,

And it's been a while,

You also know,

But, I still don't know,

Where am I going,

But I know,

Where I don't want to go,

Back into the same place,

In my head and life,

That makes me feel valueless and unworthy,

Of places, people and possessions.

So, I would rather,

Wander and wonder,

Where am I really going,

What am I supposed to do,

Than being stuck in a box,

Again, with no clue.

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