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With You In The Past

In the lap of these majestic mountains,

With clouds floating above my head,

And birds singing songs melodious,

With a river flowing on and on and on,

I still had you on my mind.

And I don't think that's fair,

For me or these mountains, too,

Who made sure you're not here,

And who invited me to share my stories with them.

Despite the hurt,

And all the attempts,

Of leaving your memories behind,

Yet asking me of your existence,

And making me feel of your absence,

To question my conscience,

Of this version of myself,

That I don't entirely like.

But I do understand that,

If I am not this person who I am today,

Then how will I be the person who I become tomorrow?

And which is why,

I am trying to be okay,

With the things around me,

As I live,

Another day,

With you in the past.


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