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You Look Like...

You look like someone I would like to know. More than a name I know, more than a face I see, more than a passer-by, more than a stranger who might say hi, more than one day, more than I could think or say, more than you ever thought, more than a photo on the screen with a kind heart.

You look like someone who's there when not. When there's nothing but there's a light in the dark spot. When there's silence but the silence is warmth. When there's noise but the voice calms down. When there's chaos and the peace you bring along.

You look like a wish of a shooting star. Like a song on the radio when you're on a long drive in a car. Like a road with trees giving shade throughout. Like a breeze near the sea when the sun goes down.

You look like someone I thought I knew. In between pages of a books few. In this universe with a sky blue. In this moment exisiting here. In this moment when I am here.

image from *10 things i hate about you*

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