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I'm learning a new language,

And in the current lesson,

Duolingo is teaching me,

How to say I'm scared and frightened,

And all I want to say back,

To the silly, notoriously rude owl,

That I'm not scared,

I'm not frightened,

Even if the world comes crashing down at my feet,

I'll not be scared,

Even if I'm the only surviving person on the planet,

I'll not be scared,

Because being scared is not in my blood,

I don't belong to that bloodline,

To be scared of the unknown,

And of ghosts in the dark room in a hotel,

Even if I feel someone tapping on my shoulder,

In my current room,

Where there is no one except me,

I'm not scared,

And it certainly stops,

When I don't pay attention to the taps.

fantasma — ghost in italiano


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