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Potato Chips

This is what happens when you like someone.

You remember their favourite potato chips flavour and whenever you pass by them in the grocery store, you think, are they still their favourite?

Are they still buying these blue coloured packets and not even thinking about you like you're thinking about them?

Like that day when it rained for hours and the day felt like night at 2 PM and there was just these chips at home and we shared the pack. Actually, you ate most of them but I wasn't complaining nor I am today. But, that rainy day recorded the most rainfall in July as you shared so many stories. So freely, so excitedly and so cutely, that I was full with the smile on my face and the crumbles of chips that I got my hands on.

Like that picnic we had on the banks of the secret waterfall we found while trekking. We sat dipping our feet in the cold water listening the nature do the talking with the sounds of frogs, song birds and wind rustling the leaves when I hear the crunch of the chips packet as you sheepishly smile and offer me first. Of course, the moment was incomplete without the potato chips.

Like the uncountable times you made me get them for you because your grocery shop stopped stocking them. I remember how cranky you used to be if you didn't get them on a weekly basis.

Now, does the grocer have the chips? Or is someone else dropping them off to you?

Like how I stopped eating them for years, because, of course, they reminded me of you. And then, one day, I was craving the taste of those exact chips and as I was about to pick the pack from the rack, another hand reached for the same pack. It had to be you. Who else would it be?

This is what happens when you like someone. Their favourites become yours and you find them again, in the grocery store, reaching out for the same potato chips.


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