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Pyrrhic Victory

Is it even a victory,

When you've lost so much to win?

Is it even worth it,

To be termed victorious then?

He keeps coming back to my mind,

Stays without an invitation now,

Because I have revoked his privilege,

That he claimed of me.

Now, he has to leave, he has to go,

And even if he's gone,

His memories stay, in leiu of him,

Which is not a win,

Truth be told,

For I've lost everything,

And this feels like a punishment,

But technically it's a win,

Because maybe he never wanted to stay,

And losing him is just a way,

The universe wants me to know,

That something better is on the way.

But, yet, what is this victory,

That feels like a loss?

song recommendation: shikayaten - ek jeet tu hai, ek haar mai hu, haar jeet jode, jeeta mai hu — amitabh bhattacharya


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