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Selfish Era

I've reached a point now,

Where I'm not bothered,

With anything others are doing.

And I'm done being compassionate,

Towards you and your actions,

Hurting just you,

As you say,

When you're unempathetic,

To even see how they affect,

The ones around you.

Because, you know what,

I've been through it,

Through hell and back.

Almost all alone,

So don't provoke me,

Because as much as I look kind and quiet,

I'm roaring like a volcano,

And I'm not allowing you,

To disrespect me the way you do.

When all I want is to extend a hand,

That helps you through this,

Without going through hell and back.

I'll offer you a shortcut,

But only if you want it,

And only if you don't burn me in return.

Remember, your fight is against the demons,

Not me, only if you see that.


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