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Attention Span

They say the attention span of a goldfish is around 9 seconds,

And that of a human being is less than that because of digitization,

And to make my point,

My attention span is turning out to be lesser than that of a baby, who gets distracted and experiences multiple emotions in a matter of seconds —

The point is, my attention span is worse than anyone else's because I keep forgetting that you are no longer the same person who said all the things back then.

And, the situation now makes me question your authenticity,

Were you even real with me?

Did you mean anything you ever said?

Because it felt very real to me,

And now everything seems like a lie,

Like a cheap remake of a blockbuster film,

Where there is no logic,

And nothing makes sense.

Like I said, my attention span is getting worse,

And I maybe my point is not as clear as I wanted it to be,

My point is, why did it have to happen, like this?

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