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Thoughts On Being Positive

Being positive is not about not thinking negative thoughts at all,

It's about not believing in the negatives that want to bring you down.

Being positive is not about always being cheerful and happy,

It's about finding peace even in chaos and sadness.

Being positive is not about talking only about the good things that can happen, an affirmation, a manifestation of the future,

It's about filtering through every thought of yours to focus on the best ones.

Being positive is not about not being triggered by anything,

It's about finding out why it is triggering you and how you can heal.

You cannot force your mind to not think negative. Humans, by law of the nature, always are on the fight, flight or freeze mode to look for solutions for problems. Our brains are meant to find something wrong so that we can fix it. So, naturally, we wil think negative thoughts but that doesn't mean there are no good things in the world. There are and you can positively reinforce the goodness too. Hope for the best, manifest and affirm yourself of your beliefs but that doesn't mean you will always be positive. There are negative thoughts standing at the boundary of that hope, ifs and buts for the manifestation to come true and a slight bit of nervousness with your affirmation and this is what makes us humans. Being positive means you accept all this. Then hope that everything will fine. Believe that everything will be okay and affirm that you are capable of handling everything that comes your way. That's what being positive is about.


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